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Ms. Amber. O Blog
Amber. O Blog and Podcast

Hi, I am Ms. Amber. O

"I could not decide what I wanted to be when I grew up. I still have no clue, but I will let you know when I grow up"

Amber is a writer, website designer, interior designer, certified personal trainer, nutrition consultant. mother, wife, age defying lady who inspires and empowers you to ignite your true self_____ (confidence, development, adjustment, image, love,) Creating connections with loving others and yourself.


Amber writes and speaks about how life is full of awkward and weird conversations that can escape us—aiming to achieve results in fitness, health, love, mental health, and feeling amazing and inspired.

about snf
Sex'n'Fries Podcast

Sex'n'Fries Podcast

To promote self-confidence, healthy living, and longevity with guides for aging gracefully and embracing the sexy side of life and featuring a blog and podcast filled with discussions on mental health, healthy bodies, and laughing through the tears.

Welcome to Sex'n'Fries, where we celebrate living life to the fullest. Our blog and podcast are dedicated to helping you achieve your best life. We cover various topics, including mental health, women’s issues, and aging gracefully. But we also believe in having fun and enjoying life's lighter moments.


Our mission is to create a space where you can share honest stories and engage in open discussions about what makes us strong and vulnerable. We want to make life a little easier and more enjoyable for everyone. Join us in promoting healthy living, mindfulness, and mental wellness, and let's embrace our sexy selves together.

Sex'n'Fries Blog started in 2009; the description is below. I have been through a few stages in that time. Currently, I am a mother, wife, and orphan. Sister, personal trainer, nutrition consultant, Interior designer, chick with a keg in the basement bar, blogger, podcast host, menopausal mess, a Canadian living in the States and now nationalized, hating winter and detests snow and temperatures below 40 degrees. Self-help bible reader and woman determined to travel more, worry less, and enjoy every breath. 

Aging is something we do regardless. Our stories are filled with learning and expressing ourselves. I hope you learn, share, and enjoy the story.

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