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Are you a runner? Cheat Sheet for meals.

Post run – within 15 minutes – sooner the better. Protein with carbs for recovery

  • Chocolate Milk

  • Yogurt

  • Rice pudding with banana

  • Egg/cheese/ English muffin

  • Peanut butter toast

  • Eggs

  • Carbohydrates best in the morning and Dinner if training the following day. If eating later in evening, snack on protein.

  • Protein is best after workouts

What to eat and when

Morning and Supper – higher in carbs. Carbohydrates are important for energy. Eating plenty of carbs ensures energy stores are support your training. You do not want energy to get low, this is when runners tend to run out of energy and “burn out” or “hit a wall” while training.

Mid-day/after workout and late night – higher in protein. Protein helps with muscle recover.

Samples of foods with protein but higher in carbs:

Beans 20 carbs/7 protein

Broccoli 13 carbs/4 protein

Potatoes 49 carbs/5 protein

Refried beans 20 carbs/7 protein

Soybeans 39 carbs/16 protein

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