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Broken by Jenny Lawson

As I started back into my gym routine, I listened to Broken by Jenney Lawson on Audible.

It entertained me and let me laugh and reflect as I got all sweaty on the bike.

Autoimmune Diseases and ailments and all the crap that goes along with them, adding on top of this is mental illness or disorders or messed up bullshit we all deal with.

Broken is the latest of the books from Jenny Lawson The, Bloggess.

Every time I dive into her books I seem to be working out or traveling, as I am better at listening than reading. Reading something would require me to be in one spot and not move at all, which I suck at.

Dogs will not go blind staring at the Eclipse?

The random conversations and thoughts throughout the book remind me how weird I am as I seem to understand the funny in this book, but it also looks almost normal.

If you need a friend

If you suffer from anxiety, depression, social anxiety, or other ailments that broadly hinder your life, this book will make you feel that you are not alone. You may feel like you are sometimes when you struggle with a diagnosis or look for understanding and not pity, but unfortunately, there are way too many of us.

I feel it in my bones, the rain that has not come.

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