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10 Step Plan to a Healthier Lifestyle

The personalized plan for improving health, fitness, and wellness should be set up for a lifetime. This plan is designed just for you and is very personal for success in achieving #goals.

The following 10 steps are important for you to understand when making changes to your lifestyle and getting started on living healthier. Also, to keep up with living a healthier lifestyle.

These are steps that will allow you to make better choices, identify your problem areas, and be more aware of personal changes that need to be addressed to be a healthier person.

tracking healthy lifestyle

1. . Know your numbers: How many pounds would you like to lose and how many Pounds you need to lose to achieve a healthy weight? How many days you are going to work out? How many calories your body needs to maintain your weight at your fitness level and how many calories your body needs to lose weight? These numbers are just numbers but give you an indication of where you are starting and what you want to achieve.

healthy eating

2. Take time to understand and know everything you eat. Everything that goes into your body has a consequence. Bad or good, it has some effect on your body. Your body’s need for food results in life; it should be respected as fuel for the body and mind. Be mindful of all food and what it does for you. If you respect food, it will do the same for you. When we mindlessly eat, we lose track of what our body is doing with the food. Food affects the body beyond taste and satisfying hunger.

3. Tracking progress, behaviors, intake, and output. It is not as complicated as we make it out to be. We make it more of an inconvenience than a practical source of information that is needed to help us make changes and understand our bodies. We have busy lives and it is sometimes difficult to recall what we eat, and how much exercise we get without making notes.

4. Listen and take to heart what your body tells you. If you take the time to develop the skill of listening to body cues, you will come to recognize when you are full, when you are hungry and when you are listening to outside noise instead. Noise comes from cravings, the word ‘can’t’, social scenes, busy lifestyles, and the media. Don’t wait for a doctor to mention weight loss, reduce stress, eat healthier, and exercise more. If they need to tell you chances are your body has already been trying to get the message across.

5. Have a grace period where you let your mind and #body develop and adapt to a new way of eating, working out, and a new way of thinking. It takes 21 days to form a habit. Give yourself time to unfreeze behaviors and refreeze behavior. Being too hard on yourself and expecting too much can lead to stress.

6.Make short-term goals and long-term #goals that reflect your individual needs and capabilities. Make realistic goals that fit into things you are not able to change. If you are bound by work hours and scheduling, work within those restrictions. Change the things you have power over, don’t try to change the things you are unable to change.

7. Eat enough food to provide proper energy for your body and the work it needs to do. A diet is all the food you eat. Eating the right #food is important but restrictions or going too far with denying food can be harmful. Yes, you want to lose weight or eat healthier, but your body needs energy all day.

fitness routine

8.Increase the intensity of your workout. Turn up the #metabolism with high-intensity workouts, resistance training, and cardio conditioning. You have to work within your capabilities, but you also want to increase those capabilities to increase your fitness level. Go outside your comfort level just enough to still be safe from injury but enough to push yourself.

9. Be creative and open-minded. Try things for yourself. Be adventurous with the type of workout and with the type of food. You have a lifetime to enjoy your health, and have fun developing new practices, a new mindset, and a new attitude.

10. Have a great attitude, Gain #Confidence. Provide Excellence. Being in control of your wellness is a challenge but also a responsibility

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