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How watching TV can make you feel like a Sasquatch

Not that there is anything wrong with being a Sasquatch if you are one, but if you are woman trying her best to look her best everyday, all the information and products can be overwhelming.

Imagine this, it is a typical day, and you sit down to eat lunch and watch some TV, which means commercials.

Then you realize most of the ads are about women-

The Yeast Infection - seen on TV- here is the cure, one step, no mess, clear that yuk up.

The period - menstruation, the curse, that time of month - as seen on TV - many types of pads, tampons, light, heavy, day, night, long, thin, small, maximum, for little women, for large women.

Are you feeling great about it?

Dry Vagina - heat it with lube, girls. Make it a night where everything slides right in.

Itchy and irritated - there is an ointment for that, some cream that will remove the smell and that itch so you can stop picking at your ass.

Acne - There are endless medicated cleansers, creams, cover-ups, and more—no more zits for you.

Wrinkles- so much research, and there are so many creams- day, nighttime, any time. Use it every day. No need to worry, no need to have a wrinkle on your face or your ass with the amount of wonder creams available.

Are you feeling beautiful yet? Just let me know when....but wait...

Fat, chunky, and hoarding belly fat - a billion and two, fast, quick, and easy methods to be as fit as a skinny ass model in no time. All at your figure tips, pick a pill or book, shove it and use will be thin in no time.

Feel gorgeous yet?....but wait...

Don't forget that fur lining you have - wax, razors, razors with built-in moisturizers, creams, gels, no heat wax, sugar wax, professional laser, or waxing. There is no reason to be that hairy; none; get smooth.

If you don't feel beautiful during the last 30 minutes of commercials

(during lunch hour btw)...why the hell not?

There is always a Victoria Secret Ad that might help you feel awesome....

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