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"How to Choose the Perfect Room Jewelry: The Art of Selecting the Right Accents for Your Space"

What is Room Jewelry?

Room Jewelry adds drama and interest draw your attention to points in the room giving the space a pop of mood and sensory.

After the decor has been set with wall color, furniture texture and hue, the smaller complimentary and pleasing accents are your room jewelry.

Choosing a color theme.

The pieces you choose should stand out but not clash with the room. If your room has bold colors your room accents should be a pattern that compliments the bold colors. If your room is a neutral color you can add a bold color to draw the eye.

What can I add

Pillows and throws




Small chairs




Framed Pictures



Every Room Needs Room Jewelry

We all like to look around our space, we are a curious species. Giving your space character and wonder allows us feel when using the space.

What makes good room jewelry?


Color can be related to mood. You might choose the accent color of your rooms to focus on certain moods.

Red- attracts attention and strong emotions such as love and passion. Using small amounts of red around the room can stimulate and energize. I use red towels, bath mat and curtain ties in our prominently grey bathroom.

Orange - radiates warmth and happiness and stimulation of energy and inspiration

Yellow - releases creativity and is uplifting. Sprinkle yellow accents to give a sense of cheerfulness and hope.

Green - symbolizes harmony, healing and stability. Green is balance and growth and easy to add with plants and landscapes.

Blue - a color of trust and peace. Blue is calming and reduces tension and fear.

Purple - unleashes imagination and spirituality. Purple allow us to connect to deeper thoughts.

What goes together

Primary colors: Yellow, red and blue

Secondary colors: Green, orange and purple

Analogous: Colors that are neighbors on the spectrum, such as green and yellow, or red and purple

Complementary: Colors that oppose each other on the spectrum, such as green and red, or yellow and purple


Fabrics have different feels to them. From soft fluffy to rough and course.

Metals have cooling affect where wood warms things up.

Stone can bring a sense of weight to the room where plants can bring a sense of natural airing feelings.


You do not want your space cluttered or look like a pawn shop but different shapes and placement can bring wonder to a room.

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