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Sneezed, Peed, Swore...Again

It has become the joke, I sneeze and everyone looks at me with that questioning stare. Do we need to go back so you can change your pants?

When you keep getting parts taken out, I suppose there is room for the bladder to violently spew urine when I sneeze, lift something heavy, think about the distance of a toilet, and sometimes when I laugh. Yes...then I swear.

The biggest challenge to aging gracefully is trying to keep positive all the while wondering if there is a noticeable wet spot between your legs. Although at a certain age you also wonder why anyone would be looking between your legs because that is just freaking creepy.

Options are available:

I found that I really like Knix Underwear Super Absorbent for period, pee, sweat. They are so comfortable and now my favorite because we all know I am going to sneeze at some point in the most inconvenient situation.

Pads are also an option, I find it a bit inconvenient since I don't need the protection on a regular basis. I am a surprise pee candidate.

Stress Incontinence is different than Urinary Incontinence.

Stress incontinence happens when the muscles of your urinary tract are weakened. This can be caused by:

  • Childbirth.

  • Hysterectomy.

  • Prostate surgery.

  • Age.

  • Weight. .

  • Injury

There you have it, it is very common. Although I know I am not the only one, if you hear me sneeze and blurt swear words right after just be on your way, I will be fine.

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