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"Empowering Self-Expression: The Impact of Boudoir Photography on Body Confidence"

It all started a few years ago. My sister went and did a boudoir shoot and we started to look for other photographers around. I have followed studios on social media for years. Yes years.

In the episode about boudoir and the connection to self confidence I chat with a few photographers and get their perspective on the business of boudoir photography and how they feel about building self confidence with their clients Listen here

Recently I received a promotional text from a local studio. Without thought I replied back YES- I will take that deal.

Well Holy Crap!

Now what? Am I ready? What have I done? OMG this photographer better know how to hide some things that I don't even want to see.

My trust went into Valerie

If you know me, I am always anxious, something I learned to live with instead of fighting it. The session was scheduled weeks ahead, so I had time to prepare. Ha! Life gets nuts and time flies and freakin' fast. So poof there I am walking into the studio with no clue what I am in for. I had an idea but until you're actually into doing it, your imagination can make your nerves revolt against you and tell you all sorts of crazy stories.

Ignoring the fact I wanted to vomit or worse, ignoring the vision that I missed some gnarly hairs growing in places no hair should, I sat in the chair to have my makeup and hair done.

It all washed away, someone did my make up at the same time as someone did my hair and before I knew it , it was time to get naked, well at least change into something you don't wear to Walmart.

For a few hours I posed in four outfits, four sets in every position my body could twist and bend in. It was exhausting and totally thrilling. This session was fun and exciting as Valerie is a true professional and easy to work with. She makes you feel beautiful before you even see the end results.

Not bad for a 55 year old lady with barely any clothes on. This was my 'Screw you menopause' and I would do it again.

Sometimes overthinking is your worst enemy.

Podcast episode coming soon, with more about my session and how it made me feel.

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