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Aromatherapy - Supporting the Spirit; Easing the Mind

The aroma of lemongrass oil is instantly energizing. The grass is used to help lower fevers and calm the nervous system. The oil comes from a fast-growing scented Indian grass. The lemony-smelling oil also helps keep stinging insects away. Lemongrass oil is used to ease stomach pains, and relieve headaches, colds, and rheumatism.

Supporting the Spirit

  1. Lemongrass oil cuts through the emotional fog and will help you see things more clearly.

  2. This oil relieves depression and helps to encourage positivity.

Easing the mind

  1. To clear mental clutter and improve concentration.

  2. To Chase away bad dreams and insomnia

Vaporize 2 drops lemongrass with 2 drops lavender

Healing the Body

  1. Ease muscular aches, muscle spasms, or physical tension, mix 2 drops of Lemongrass with 4 drops of Ginger and 4 drops of Lavender in a carrier oil and rub it on affected areas.

  2. To soothe digestion or relieve constipation, mix 2 drops of Lemongrass with 4 drips of Coriander Seed and 4 Drops Mandarin in a carrier oil and apply it twice a day. Use a clockwise abdominal massage.

I love my diffuser, great for the office!

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