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Thirty. Hurty. And Healing

Thirty. Flirty. And Thriving.... I wish.

We all know the mantra from 13 going on 30. But what they don't mention is that as your 30th birthday approaches you are actually thinking: "Thirty, Hurty & Crying". Its about this time that it hits you that this is life, you are NEVER going to figure it out, no-one ever has.

While no-one seems to have figured out the secret to life, we have found many ways to work on self-care and self-growth so that we may actually enjoy this planet for our existence.

The goals of this blog page is to share and be honest about the changes that we go through as we reach the "Dreaded Thirty" and what that means as a Millennial. There is a different schedule we are living on and there is a sort of grief we feel for not having that "set schedule" to our lives as society once expected from us.


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