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"Capturing the Essence of You: My Boudoir Session Episode"

Season 2 Episode 4: Holy crap I did a photo shoot!

How crazy is that 'me' a 55-year-old woman gets into her lingerie for a photo shoot? It is not crazy at all!

Now that I have shared my pictures with a few people, I realize it was a wonderful thing to do. The experience was new and exciting and gave me a whole new appreciation for my body.

Is that me?

Boudoir is not for everyone. It is a niche in photography that needs to be done right.

Let's show it off!

I had the self-doubt, or basically, self-image dismantles a crew of thoughts trying to take me down and run like hell. But I dove in and made this happen with a great photographer

This episode will tell you all about the session

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