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Tell Her She is Beautiful Season 2: Episode 1

Take all the negative thoughts about yourself and toss them away. You won't be needed that crap anymore.

I can't imagine how young people deal with all the noise in the world and still feel like that have a positive self image.

The 80's were bad enough with trying to feel like I was someone that would a guy would date. Did they settle for the bean pole of a chick because the Penthouse model was out of reach.

In my late teens my long term boyfriend would go to the strip club after work. Instead of just being with me, he had to unwind after a day of work in the factory with a beer and stripper.

Was I not good enough? He never told me I was beautiful and made me feel silly if I asked what he thought.

My self image is a work in progress and always will be. My personal beauty inside and out, I treasure now and nurture. I am now surrounded with amazing people that think I am beautiful and I them.

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